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Mosh Pit

16X20 Kurt Cobain / Nirvana October 9, 1991


Image of 16X20 Kurt Cobain / Nirvana October 9, 1991

I was 16 years old when Nirvana came to town in 1991. 'Nevermind' had just been released and I loved "Smells Like Teen Spirit." I wasn't old enough to get into the club so I snuck in, like always, with the help of friends. The venue only held 150 people and it was probably double packed. I had an "on-camera flash" assignment for high school photo class at the time and this was my chance to see one of my favorite bands, AND to fulfill my assignment. Win win. I fought my way to the front and snapped a roll of photos of Kurt and the band. I hand-developed the negatives the next day, turned in the proof sheet, and probably got a C... Life lesson, kids. Do what you want to do, not what people tell you to do. I might have gotten a lame grade but I documented Nirvana literally right before they blew up and took over the world!

16X20 C print
very limited set of 10, signed