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Angela Boatwright

11X14 The Strokes, 7th Street NYC 2000


Image of 11X14 The Strokes, 7th Street NYC 2000

I photographed The Strokes very early in their career for Time Out NY magazine's feature on 10 NYC bands to watch for that year. Even early on, there was a lot of talk within' "the industry" that these guys would be the next big thing and that's exactly what they became.

This shot was snapped on 7th Street between Aves B and C in Manhattan— I believe Julian lived in the big, fancy building on that block, and I lived one block East so it was convenient for all of us. The guys were really cool - very easy to work with - and gave me quite a bit of time to shoot. I remember chatting with them briefly about music; someone in the band wasn't a fan of guitar player, Angus Young, which confused the hell out of me at the time. Apparently you don't have to love Angus Young to make your mark on music, lesson learned.

11"x14" C print
very limited edition of 15, signed.