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Angela Boatwright

11x14 Madball at The Limelight, NYC 1994


Image of 11x14 Madball at The Limelight, NYC 1994

One of Madball's earliest shows, this was taken in 1994 at the infamous Limelight club on 20th Street in NYC. The Limelight was an old church and central to the 90's era club-kid scene (check out the 2003 biopic, Party Monster or the 2011 documentary about The Limelight simply titled, Limelight). Madball played with NYHC legends, Dog Eat Dog that night, and The Beatnuts.

I moved to New York City from Ohio in 1993 and immediately began going to NYHC shows throughout venues in New York City— CBGB's, Coney Island High, Bond Street, and The Limelight to name a few. I was 19 years old and was armed with the most basic film shooting skills; this was way, way before digital photography! Now at a show you might see 20 - 30 photographers, even at a small show! But back then, there were 5-10 photographers, tops, unless it was a Fugazi show; everyone would shoot Fugazi. But that's a different story.

I LOVED shooting live bands in the 90's, and would attend all sorts of shows, sharpening my skills in the process. I captured a lot of incredible bands VERY early in their careers. Madball have gone on to achieve significant international fame and are still touring today!

11x14 C print
very limited set of 15, signed