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Angela Boatwright

11X14 Kanye West / 7th Street NYC 2001


Image of 11X14 Kanye West / 7th Street NYC 2001

This image was photographed on medium format film (Mamiya 7), for a 1/4 page producer "spotlight" in XXL magazine. I snapped Kanye on 7th Street between Ave C and D in NYC, the block where I lived for 17 years. Also, the same block John Leguizamo grew up on, where David Cross and Michael Rapaport lived (in separate places, of course.) The block is so legendary that director Josh Pais (who grew up on the block) made a documentary aptly titled "7th Street," released in 2002— two years after my Kanye shoot.

Kanye was very cool; he had a clear idea of how he wanted to be portrayed. He was very aware of his image and was focused on being distinct. He arrived to the shoot with clear ideas and wasn't afraid to try different things. At one point he requested to be photographed against a gaudy, red pick-up truck with the Indianapolis 500 logo painted in rainbow colors on the side. It was apparent that he would be successful, he certainly had the drive— huge congrats to him on all of his successes.

11"x14" C print
very limited edition of 15, signed.