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11X14 The Jesus Lizard / Columbus, Ohio 1991


Image of 11X14 The Jesus Lizard / Columbus, Ohio 1991

The Jesus Lizard was a very strange band for a young, 16-year-old girl to love, but I did love them. So much. I wasn't old enough to get into the club where they played that night (Stache's in Columbus, Ohio) so I must have snuck in, which I did often.

At some point during the show David Yow leapt off the stage, into the crowd, landing square on my friend Jay. David finished the remainder of the song, maniacally bear-gripping a very stunned (excited? honored? confused?) Jay with all four limbs. Jay was trapped in possibly the best moment of his life, but I'm sure he was sufficiently freaked out. A few songs later David threw up on stage. It was a proper rock show to say the least.

My photography skills during this time were just budding at best, and I had either run out of film before these things happened (rookie mistake) or perhaps simply wasn't able to capture them due to the aggressive tidal swish of the over-sold crowd. Capturing that one-great-moment is tricky, as I would later learn, but it's amazing that these photos even exist at all. I was not supposed to be there, I was too young, and so uncool.

The Jesus Lizard are still one of my favorite bands; however, these days, as a full grown adult, I often listen to them while running. Don't grow up, kids. It's a trap.